Our History 2010 till now


Esstablished in 2010 from the need to offer our knowledge to those who appreciate it and need it most .....

Mission Statement


We exist in order to offer the best services money can buy

What We Do


Basically we will take you from the hand and escort you all the way to big room which is the world. We will show everything that exists and will help you select whatever suits you best. We will make absolutely sure you will have made the right choice!

Why others say we Are The Best


Isn’t it a nice feeling when your long waited holidays turned out to be the best ones you ever had?
I bet it is.
Now think of the opposite. How many times despite your best effort, after having spent many hours on the internet, browsing, researching, reading reviews, you have failed to choose the right spot? I have failed, quite a few times to be frank. You know why?
Because judging from the web perspective or from some reviews of other people-based on their own experiences, background and standards- is just not good enough...
That is exactly why we decided to make our own research all by ourselves and therefore actually visited every single place we propose here. 
The list doesn’t end here. New places open up, some of the old ones might lose their touch or improve dramatically. So do we. We will update the list almost every month, no matter what it takes. Because this is what we do. And we love it…


News And Information


Our business is going to a new direction: More and more are asking for customised services and tailor made ideas. We are here to offer those services. Do not hesitate to ask us!

Our Team


Our associates are the top of the crop: Handpicked each one with strict criteria to be able to provide top services.