Kalari Kovilakom



Resort Overview:

"Live your world here" . This is what they tell you when you cross the entrance door at Kalari Kovilakom and this is exactly what you should do. Otherwise you will be disappointed. Kalari, the Palace for Ayurveda, is an austere , disciplined , no nonsense ayurvedic enviroment in a wonderful landscape that promises to refresh your life and your inner you.  Yoga and ayurvedic treatments here  are top notch and not offered for less than 14 days. ‘The Palace’ is by no means an ashram but a luxurious old palace with all modern amenities, and extremely personalised service. Even your food is prepared for you and only you. With just 18 people as guests, expect an  intimate atmosphere and lot of time to spend with yourself.  But at the end of it, you will come out happy in peace and glowing.

India, Kerala, Kollengod

Main building, Yoga Sala, Massage Rooms, Library



Nearest Airport



25 - 35 oC