Established 2006


The SPA Kohchang resort was established in 2006 in a lush and green area of 1.3 hectares located at serene lower Salak kok bay (the most abundant mangrove forest of the island) of the wonderful island of Koh Chang, Thailand's second largest island. 

The main concept of this resort is the proximity to nature while having privacy and personal conveniences.
The villa cottages and rooms are well-designed, proper furnished in a natural, tropical style, offering all kind of amenities.
The surroundings are incredible. The quite, serene landscape guarantees total relaxation and the swimming pool, mini-gym, steam bath will keep you busy while fasting.
Free kayak rides, bikes and transfers to nearby beaches will reveal the beauty of Koh Chang and the unique landscape.
The Spa Kohchang Resort is a place to learn the basics of a better health. Place of joy, happiness and fulfillment. Bespoke cleansing fasts, vegetarian food, Yoga, meditation and massage classes, combined with good service and a friendly family atmosphere, result in an unforgettable experience that will fully rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
The management team and the wonderful staff struggles to offer you the best possible service and teach you how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 
Highly concerned about the natural environment and feeling responsible to contribute to its conservation, Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integrative part within the resort operation. All food offered is grown organicaly and is cooked in the most healthy way. 
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At The Spa Resort, we provide insights and tools for optimal health. We encourage our guests to feel better and healthier by using a simple system of healthy habits. We call it the Five-Habit System to Longevity. With Cleansing Detox, Yoga Classes, Raw Food Classes, daily free Meditation classes.



 The Five Habits to Longevity


The habit of doing periodic Detox cleansing fasts - This is a routine derived from ancient Taoist Chinese teachings that can add years to life. Daily fasting with detoxifier drinks, herbal supplements and internal tissue cleansing enemas daily. Our approach is based on the science and practice of fasting developed in the USA by internationally respected fasting authorities. 
Join our 3-day to 14-day cleansing fasts.
The habit of correct breathing - Just three times a day, is all it takes to give you all the reserve energy you need. Will be in your Yoga practice.
Join our and Yoga classes.
The habit of eating the right foods at the right times - We will give you recommendations for a healthy diet, that you can easily master. Raw Food Classes.
Enjoy our acclaimed Radiance Restaurant – voted by a prominent UK Magazine-  one of world's top 50 organic, vegetarian and raw foods cuisine in the world.
The habit of exercise - Develop a one-hour daily exercise routine. Join our Yoga classes or go on a privately guided hike or bike ride.
Try our gym and go for a long swim at the beach.
The habit of a peaceful mind - Reserve two daily periods for meditation or just peaceful contemplation, about 20-30 minutes each. You will turn off the chatter in your head, and give your mind a rest. Join our daily free meditation classes, at the resort.
 The Koh Chang Islands National Park covers the Chang island and other smaller isles within Trat territorial waters. All these lovely places have an abundant and thriving coral reef and underwater marine environment. 
Koh Chang the largest among the 52 islands of Trat. Covering an area of 429 sq. kilometers, it features fine beaches, coral reefs, and plentiful marine life. It is also rich in natural resources, teeming with hills, forests, waterfalls and streams, the latter being an important source of freshwater. 
Reaching the island and the resort can be achieved:
By Plane
Trat airport owned and operated by Bangkok Airways, is located on the mainland and it will take 40 minutes from Bangkok to Trat. 
In the green season (May to October) the flight will available twice a day but in the high season for travel there will three daily flights to Trat. Leaving Bangkok at 8.30am, 2.40pm. and 5.00pm. And leaving Trat to Bangkok at 10.00am., 4.00pm., 7.00pm. You can
After you land you will need ca. 60 minutes to reach to the resort by ferry and a van.
By bus or car
Take the air-conditioned bus from Ekamai bus station in Bankok at the cost of 275baht and within 4.30-5 hours you will reach the pier at Trat.
With your car from Bangkok , drive on Bang Na-Trat Highway or Motorway to Chonburi, Klaeng, and proceed to Trat province about 315 kilometers to Lam-ngob district to take ferry to Koh Chang at the Center Point Pier . The ferry takes 30-40 minutes. When you reach Koh Chang please turn left for 16 kms to the Salak-kok bay and welcome to the SPA Koh Chang resort. 

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